Messalonskee All Sports Boosters

Recently Funded Projects

  • Football Blocking Sled
  • New Eagle Mascot costume
  • Soccer backstop netting system
  • Competition music for cheerleading
  • HUDL Software for Basketball Teams
  • Basketball Scorer's Table
  • Pole Vault Poles & Discus for Track & Field
  • KROSSOVE Software for Lacrosse Teams
  • Squat Rack for the Weight Room
  • Eagles in Action Day
  • Student T-Shirts for Homecoming & Winter Nest
  • Athlete Recognition and Championship awards
  • Engineering study and plans for new Athletic Complex
  • Continued education/training conferences for Coaches

The Nest

Coming Soon

Purpose / Mission

Messalonskee All Sports Boosters!


The purpose of The Messalonskee All Sports Boosters is to assist with fundraising opportunities, help manage and distribute funds, encourage teamwork, promote attendance and school spirit at athletic events, provide parent-oriented support to the Athletic Departments, promote awareness of the important relationship between success in athletics and academics, act as an advocate for Messalonskee Athletics in the community, and provide a forum for discussions about athletic programs and related issues.


The Messalonskee All Sports Boosters is a group of parents and staff organized to support the student athletes and athletics programs at Messalonksee High School and Messalonskee Middle School. We strongly believe that offering quality athletic programs to our students enrich the high school educational experience for all students. We are the team behind the team. Our job is to raise funds in order to support the various financial needs of all our athletic programs.   In collaboration with the Athletic Director and the School Administration, our goals are:

  • Provide funding to support quality interscholastic athletic programs
  • Help maintain and improve the athletic facilities
  • Raise money to provide adequate equipment, uniforms, transportation and personnel for all sports programs
  • Promote attendance at sporting events and build school spirit within the student body, Messalonksee community thereby helping to prevent adolescent misbehavior in the greater Messalonskee neighborhood.
  • Support and recognize the efforts of our teams and athletes
  • Provide support and funding to operate the sports concession booths

Some of the other things we do to support the Messalonskee athletic community are:

  • Sell school branded merchandise, produce seasonal sports programs, create team rosters and fund sports recognition events

The key to the All Sports Athletic Boosters' success is the generosity and involvement of the parents of every athletic student at Messalonksee High and Middle School. The amount of support we provide is a direct result of the funds raised through various activities. Participation as a member, volunteer or spectator not only increases the success of these schools and  athletic departments, but also teaches our student athletes the importance of community involvement and team work. Participation is also a fun way to meet other parents and members of the community also showing their support.  

We invite you to learn more about us and encourage you to attend our meetings.

We know you have great ideas to contribute. We hope you’ll join us in supporting our Messalonksee High and Middle School Eagles Athletics Programs. The monthly meetings are usually held the second Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Messalonskee High School library!

Go Eagles!

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