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Recently Funded Projects

  • Football Blocking Sled
  • New Eagle Mascot costume
  • Soccer backstop netting system
  • Competition music for cheerleading
  • HUDL Software for Basketball Teams
  • Basketball Scorer's Table
  • Pole Vault Poles & Discus for Track & Field
  • KROSSOVE Software for Lacrosse Teams
  • Squat Rack for the Weight Room
  • Eagles in Action Day
  • Student T-Shirts for Homecoming & Winter Nest
  • Athlete Recognition and Championship awards
  • Engineering study and plans for new Athletic Complex
  • Continued education/training conferences for Coaches

The Nest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need $13.9 million dollars for our schools? Doing nothing is no longer an option - We need to put money into our facilities across the district, in every town.

How did this number come about?  This bond came out of two years of work completed by the facilities committee and also addresses remaining items from the Fire Marshall’s report. This is the least costly option presented by the committee, and keeps elementary schools in their towns honoring how much our towns’ value local control. Other, more costly options included consolidating elementary schools or building one super school.

How did our facilities needs get so large so quickly? Over the last decade and half, to ensure budgets were passed, deferred maintenance items were cut from the operating budget. The district is at a point where all of our buildings have things that must be fixed.

Why now?  As demonstrated in the Fire Marshall’s report, across the district we have issues (leaking roofs, heating infrastructure past their lifecycles, windows and doors no longer in code, etc.) that can no longer go unaddressed and would likely cost more to address in a crisis (such as failure). 

What does this mean for the future? Trying to address these issues through our operating budget has not worked. A bond allows us to address outstanding key safety and accessibility issues across the district. Going forward, developing a strategic maintenance plan will allow RSU18 to include ongoing maintenance in future operating budgets.

How much will this cost taxpayers?


$13.9 million Investment: Cost by town

(per $100,000 assessed value)


















 (Estimated Based on 9/27/17 rates)

Why is this just coming up as a need for the school? The athletic complex has been an identified need since the 1990s. There have been several plans for a new facility, but none have resulted in a design or cost. This year, All Sports Boosters invested in an engineer study and design process that resulted in a formal design and budget. Boosters worked through the school board committee structure to bring to the voters.

Why do we need a new facility? Physical education classes can no longer use the track or grass field. Varsity teams who used to call Veteran’s Field home have not had a game at MHS in two years. The field hockey field is no longer regulation. The track team, the largest of all teams at MHS, has not had a home meet since the mid- 80s. Messalonskee is currently the only Class A school with a track team that does not have a track facility at their high school.

Fully accessible pathways and new bleacher section will enable spectators and participants with mobility issues to have full access to the athletic complex.

Why turf? A turf field will quadruple the number of use hours of the field (which a grass field cannot do). 4 sports (6 teams) will be accommodated by one field (football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse).

Aren’t turf fields expensive to maintain? Turf fields require less maintenance than grass fields because you avoid applying pesticides, over-seeding or patching, aerating, etc. (average maintenance cost of turf is $3,100 per year).

Why can’t teams practice at Colby & Thomas? In the spring over 150 student athletes transport themselves and teammates to practice in private vehicles around central Maine. Students who do not have transportation of their own are limited in participation. To address these accessibility and safety issues, the school would have to purchase new buses, drivers, insurance, etc. to provide dedicated transportation for these sports.

How will this benefit students other than varsity athletes? All students are required to take physical education classes at both the middle and high school level. This facility will fulfill unmet physical education needs. Physical education classes will no longer need to walk/run the streets of Oakland. Classes will not be forced inside because too much rain makes the outdoor fields too muddy.

How will this benefit our communities? A facility like this will provide community members of all ages from across the district a safe place to walk, jog and recreate. Youth programs will be able to utilize the facility as well as summer camps.

Will this project allow us to host conference and state level competitions? MHS could host conference and state competitions as well as a number of other community events. This will bring thousands of people to central Maine throughout the year and will boost the local economy, plus bring additional revenue to RSU18.

What is the cost of the athletic complex? $3.9 million dollars or 2.8% of the referendum.



$       329,032.33

Facility Infrastructure

$       217,428.75

Track and Turf Substructure

$       111,695.07

Turf Surface

$       948,492.00

Track Surface

$       537,134.98

Field Events

$         64,100.00

Lighting & Utilities

$       739,056.89

Event Management & Equipment

$       451,820.00


$       509,814.00

Monthly cost breakdown by town: Belgrade $0.09; China $0.11; Oakland

$0.10; Rome $0.09, Sidney $0.11 (estimated per $100,000 assessed value)

$  3,908,574.03

 When will this facility open? If the referendum passes in November, construction could start in late spring 2018, with opening in the fall of 2018 (dependent upon weather and state permitting).



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